XGS87 Cloud Firewall

Sophos Firewall Platforms

Cloud Enabled by ZeroOutages

High performance security solutions based on Sophos firewall platforms. These cloud-based firewall solutions incorporate the best of both worlds: an on premise hardware firewall with rule-based policies, threat protection and real-time reporting, integrated with cloud-based IDS/IPS, content filtering, and SSL inspection.

Each platform comes with centralized portal management, cloud enabled SD-WAN with virtual IP addressing, and three years of co-managed support and hardware warranty.

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Product Specifications

The following high performance specifications are for this cloud-enabled Sophos Firewall.

ZeroOutages Appliance

ZeroOutages Appliance

*Throughput rates are based on lab testing with average packet sizes between 512-1024 bytes. Service provider speeds will affect throughput, cloud-enabled services require connectivity to ZeroOutages CloubHub services and associated equipment. Offloading reduces lag time experienced when on premise hardware must perform all of the processor intensive traffic scanning.

  • Next Gen Firewall
  • Rule-Based Policies
  • Detailed Traffic Reporting
  • VLAN, NAT, DHCP Support
  • Cloud-Based Content Filtering
  • Cloud-Based IDS/IPS
  • Cloud-Based SSL Inspection
  • IPsec Tunnels
  • SSL VPN Connectivity
  • Cloud-Based Virtual IP
  • Integrated SD-WAN
  • Integrated CloudHub
  • Integrated Site-to-Site
  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty
  • 3 Year Support Contract
  • FlexPOINT Upgradable*