Volunteers of America is a non-profit orgnaization providing public services for over 100 years.

Why Deploy SASE in the NPO Sector?

ZeroOutages provides unique wide-area networking solutions for not-for-profit organizations. We understand this sector and can implement the most efficient and optimal network security and reliability solutions for organizations that rely on grants and funding from both private and public institutions, and the reporting requirements needed by those institutions and how to help with meeting those requirements, ZeroOutages has you covered.
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Secure Edge

ZeroOutages SASE service ensures highly reliable and secure Internet and cloud connectivity. These services include a primary service provider circuit along with an LTE backup (in some cases) and virtual IP addressing for seamless link redundancy (eliminating the need to point-to-point or MPLS links), with security policies applied at each site to protect end-users.

Cloud Content Filtering

ZeroOutages SASE service incorporates cloud-based content filtering as part of our Secure Cloud Gateway service, in order to prevent end-users or site guests, from accessing inappropriate websites and/or content. These services include detailed reporting in order to meet compliance requirements and ensures that network users (of all ages) are protected and secure.

Remote Worker Connectivity

ZeroOutages SASE service provides built-in remote worker support via SSL/VPN tunnels and ZeroTrust Network Access. ZeroOutages provides these services as part of any SASE solution via our customers dedicated private "cloud hub" deployment, thus simplifying teleworker rollouts and extending security to the edge.

Managed Threat Response

ZeroOutages SASE service includes 24/7/365 network support, including emergency response from SophosLabs (a dedicated team of highly qualified security engineers whose primary function is to deliver a detailed examination of security threats and attempted attacks). Know exactly what happened, with ZeroOutages.

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