MPLS Replacement

Managed MPLS Replacement

Expensive. This is the most common definition for MPLS circuits, however that definition could be applied to any dedicated private line from the telco companies. This is why ZeroOutages managed MPLS replacement solutions typically reduce our customers' costs by thousands of dollars per year. On average managed MPLS replacement can cut your telecommunications bills by over 25% while at the same time increasing available bandwidth, reliability, and performance by over 200%.

Managed MPLS Replacement Cost Savings

Managed MPLS Replacement

ZeroOutages managed MPLS replacement solutions also offer the added benefit of meshed networking, i.e. you can improve the performance of your site-to-site connectivity by establishing direct connections between sites, instead of the typical hub/spoke nature of most MPLS deployments. ZeroOutages implements full QoS and WAN optimization as part of its MPLS replacement solutions which offsets increases in latency due to using Internet vs dedicated network connections.

Finally, with a ZeroOutages managed MPLS replacement solution many customers achieve a bandwidth throughput increase of over 1000%, i.e. if you had an MPLS T1 connection and replaced it with a cable and DSL link, the difference in throughput would be from 1.5Mbps to over 15Mbps, that is a 10x increase.

Replacing MPLS circuits is becoming popular for many businesses that are looking to reduce telcom costs and improve redundancy. With ZeroOutages our customers can achieve faster throughput with more bandwidth and automated failover at each location, thus ensuring uptime which increases productivity.


Customer Advantages

Significantly Lower Costs
Save thousands of dollars per year, per site with ZeroOutages managed MPLS replacement solutions.
More Bandwidth
Achieve higher bandwidth and throughput rates by employing multiple inexpensive broadband links like DSL, cable, wireless, etc.
WAN Optimization
Improve performance between sites with built-in WAN optimization and caching functionality.
WAN Security
Keep the data secure via enahanced per packet AES encryption and session division across each active Internet link.
End-to-End QoS
Ensure the highest possible performance for critical applications by applying end-to-end quality of service parameters within the secure private tunnels.
Real-Time Reporting
Understand how much bandwidth is being used across the network, during what times, from which users and applications.
No Hardware To Purchase
With the ZeroOutages managed MPLS replacement solution there is no hardware to purchase, no annual support contract renewals, no headaches. ZeroOutages engineering team takes care of everything from setup to periodic maintenance.

Partner Advantages

Offer your customers the ability to reduce costs by over 25% per month and free up IT budgets for new managed and hosted services. ZeroOutages managed MPLS replacement solutions enable our partners to offer a lower cost alternative that in the long-term provides their customers with a higher return on investment, a more secure and stable wide-area network, and built-in scalability so that when the time comes to add new applications, the customers network is ready for it.