Advantages of Cloud Enabled Security

ZeroOutages network security services deliver an onsite firewall platform combined with a cloud-based content scanning and threat protection system. The onsite firewall eliminates having to send all traffic to the cloud for examination, while still offloading the processor intensive file scanning and protocol inspection to the cloud, which can often slow down onsite firewall solutions. It is the perfect combination of both premise and cloud-based security.

On Premised Firewall

ZeroOutages provides an on premise firewall which performs rules-based firewall protection with advanced AI threat protection and cloud enabled security services.

Integrated SD-WAN

ZeroOutages firewall solutions include built-in SD-WAN services for load balancing and providing seamless redundancy in the event of a network connectivity issue.

FlexSTREAM Cloud Security

Cloud-based inspection of critical applications and protocols, including IDS/IPS for inbound protection, global content filtering, and SSL-inspection to block malicious code.

Virtual IP Addressing (VIP)

ZeroOutages cloud-firewall VIP services ensure automated failover of critical applications and prevent VoIP phones from having to be reset and end-users from having to relogin.

No Performance Reduction

With application and protool scanning moved to the cloud, our customers firewalls do not slow down during periods of heavy usage, as traffic inspection is offloaded to the cloud.

Full Firewall Functionality

Beyond the offloading of traffic inspection, all other aspects of a traditional firewall remains, including VLANs, NAT, firewall policies, IPSec, etc. All co-managed by our customers.

SD-WAN Dashboard

Deliver Seamless Redundancy and Accelerated Connectivity with ZeroOutages

ZeroOutages premised-based firewall platform is combined with next generation cloud enabled security services in order to the deliver the best of both worlds. Local routing and protection without having to route everything to the cloud, while offloading processor intensive application and protocol scanning to the cloud.

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