Software Defined Wide Area Networking or SD-WAN is the future of Internet connectivity

SD-WAN improves the performance and reliability of an organizations Internet and private WAN connectivity. SD-WAN provides comprehensive routing control to ensure 99.999% uptime when combined with 3 or more broadband connections.

Virtual Appliance

SD-WAN lowers costs by allowing organizations to replace expensive network connectivity with inexpensive broadband links which when combined can achieve greater performance and reliability than older T1 or MPLS technologies.

ZeroOutages version of SD-WAN is called FlexPrem™ and is unique in its ability to efficiently route traffic between both the local Internet links and the direct broadband connectons.

Active/Failover ISP Bonding

ZeroOutages comprehensive Internet redundancy services also take advantage of our Vector Routing and Deep Path Inspection technology. This allows our customers to setup specific routing rules for their critical applications whereas ZeroOutages constantly checks each available path and determines when said traffic should be routed directly out one link or the other.

For VoIP deployments the ZeroOutages Active/Failover service will prioritize and carve out bandwidth specifically for VoIP traffic, thus preventing other types of downloads and data usage from interfering with phone calls. ZeroOutages also enables VoIP traffic specifically to utilize a single IP address, even when multiple Internet providers are being utilized, thus when a network failure occurs, all VoIP traffic will continue without interruption or having to reboot phones, etc.

Avoid Network Outages

Would you like to learn more? Find out how ZeroOutages can be deployed in minutes, and why it is the most efficient hybrid-WAN optimization solution on the market. Learn how ZeroOutages can assist you in avoiding network outages, ensure uptime for your end-users, and improve productivity by accelerate your existing Internet connectivity.