Technology Overview

Session vs Packet-Based Solutions

ZeroOutages utilizes an SD-WAN technology known as session-based packet routing, vs packet-based. The advantages of session-based routing is that it allows for more efficient routing of end-user traffic across two or more WAN links. Each session is independant of the other, and thus all packets for each session can traverse the same link.

Unlike packet-based routing, which has out-of-order issues unless packets are duplicated across both connections, session-based routing does not waste bandwidth through this duplication process. As packets are not duplicated, session-based routing achieves higher performance and better use of available bandwidth when multiple sessions or end-users are accessing the network at the same time, which is the case for most organizations.

Thus 99% of the time, a session-based solution is superior to a packet-based solution.

Further, ZeroOutages utilizies intelligent WAN rovia itss Best Path Routing algorithm which performs continuous testing to the defined critical sites across each WAN link. Based on this testing the application traffic is routed over the best performing connection. When the test metrics fall outside of the defined limits, the traffic is re-routed out the next best path. This testing includes round-trip time and packet loss, however it does not include bandwidth data transfer rates, as these are commonly inaccurate and/or not possible to obtain, thus those adjustments are made by our ZeroOutages support team as needed.

Best Path Routing

Unique to the ZeroOutages solution is the ability to utilize SLA information that is calculated from other ZeroOutages deployments, thus gathering a more complete view the availability of various network paths based on the sum total monitoring of each ZeroOutages onsite device. This meta route data is something only available via ZeroOutages and is used to further improve the end-users experience. It is important to point out that ZeroOutages never examines our customers actual data, data files, or any other sensitive aspects of the packets traversing our appliances (including the data portion, size of the data, or any other key aspects of the data going through our appliances) nor retains any metrics or information about said data or data files.

Managed ISP Failover

The managed ISP failover and redundancy service incorporates Best Path Routing which will also monitor the service providers SLA information in order to determine how well the connection is performing. Customers can use this information to seek credits for service when it does not match the given service level agreement. When two or more paths to a remote resource are available Best Path Routing will utilize the monitored parameters along with the SLA metrics in order to determine the best path for routing the specific traffic.

Managed Best Path Routing

When "multiple lanes" are available to the Internet having Best Path Routing is critical. The ZeroOutages solution leverages our Best Path Routing capability to control the routing of packets across the most optimal path in real-time.



Internet Aggregation
ZeroOutages patented link balancing enables sessions to traverse multiple Internet links at the same time in order to improve performance and speed up access to critical applications. In all cases the best path for the application is selected by the onsite appliance based on its continuous network testing.
Internet Redundancy Database
ZeroOutages maintains a global database of route availability information (and ISP uptime information) which is obtained from each deployed ZeroOutages device. This route availability information is used to determine which is the best possible route for each customer, thus optimizing uptime for business critical application data.
Optimized Best Path Routing
Instantly re-routes traffic based on an ISP failure, latency, packet loss, and calculated jitter for each defined network route, i.e. if you are accessing a business critical remote resource, Best Path Routing will ensure that you are always using the most optimized path to get to that resource.
Internet Failover
When a network outage event occurs, the ZeroOutages managed Internet redundancy service will immediately re-direct traffic out the remaining active connections.
SLA Monitoring
With its ability to monitor each ISP connection ZeroOutages' customers can rest assured that their Internet connections will meet or exceed the provided SLA or they will get a credit from their service provider.


The following are common questions about our managed ISP failover and Best Path Routing technology. If you would like to submit a question, please fill out our information request form. Thank you.

What data is collected for the ZeroOutages Internet Redundancy and ISP Failure database?
The ZeroOutages route database collects only network availability information, i.e. when an outage or high latency is detected across a specific link to a specific destination, then that information is recorded and sent to the ZeroOutages database. This information is used, in conjunction with all of the other ZeroOutages system data, to determine the best route to use for each ZeroOutages customer. Only route information is shared, no customer data is ever looked at or examined, only the route information. What this means that each ZeroOutages customer is helping every other ZeroOutages customer in determining the best way to route their data when multiple paths are available. This is a unqiue and patent function of ZeroOutages.