Improved Performance

Combine ISP Connections

ZeroOutages enables organizations to utilize two or more circuits for improved performance and faster cloud connectivity. ZeroOutages implements an active/active configuration in order to fully utilize each Internet link, unlike other SD-WAN vendors that implement packet-based SD-WAN services and must duplicate packets (reducing total possible bandwidth).

Note: ZeroOutages is not bonding the links, so speed tests will always show the speed of the ISP link associated with that end-users device, however the total bandwidth available to the site will be fully utilized, i.e. two 100Mbps ISP circuits will provide a total of 200Mbps of usable (balanced) bandwidth.

Balanced Applications

ZeroOutages can balance traffic based on application. This means that you can improve performance by sending WEB traffic out ISP1 and Email traffic out ISP2. Additionally, you can balance traffic based on the application URL, so for example you could request Dropbox traffic to go out ISP1 and Office365 traffic to go out ISP2. There are no limitations in terms of the type of applications supported or the number of possible rule combinations. Whatever your prefered method is, ZeroOutages can implement it for you.

Balanced Users

ZeroOutages can divide bandwidth based on individual users. Simply identify the user based on IP address or MAC address and ZeroOutages can split the traffic between these devices across the various ISP connections. For example, all of the users in the sales group go out via ISP1 and all of the users in the accounting group go out via ISP2. By balancing the traffic in this way, it can essentailly double the amount of available bandwidth. If the ISP1 and ISP2 connections are each 100Mbps, then you now have a total of 200Mbps to split between the users.

Balanced Networks

ZeroOutages SD-WAN services can also balance traffic based on the defined networks. Many customers have separate VLANs for different types of devices/user groups. With ZeroOutages active/active network balancing, a customer could for example, send all traffic from the VoIP (phone) VLAN out via ISP1, and then send all traffic from the operations group VLAN out via ISP2. This would then enable each network/group to share the bandwidth of the individual ISP link, instead of all having to use the same link. If both links are 100Mbps for example, then the new combined available bandwidth is now 200Mbps, split between the networks/groups.

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Combine ISP Connections

ZeroOutages' SD-WAN solutions enable IT administrators to add more bandwidth to their office deployments, simply by adding ISP circuits. ZeroOutages platforms can support over ten ISP circuits if necessary, each configured to balance traffic and thus improve overall performance for end-users.

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