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FlexSTREAM incorporates the fastest content filtering service on the market today as part of its secure circuit solution. Customers can utilize this service to control what content that end-users can access, and ensure that end-users are not able to connect to sites which have known malware, viruses, etc. All management functions are easily accessible via our global portal.

Customers have the ability to control content access based on a number of categories, the sites within these categories are updated automatically and dynamically within the cloud. Specific sites can be allowed or denied based on the organizations requirements.

The cloud-based content filtering service protects not only against viruses and malware, but can also ensure that end-users are not accessing sites which violate the organizations standards and procedures.

Gain visibility in to how the global filtering is being utilized, which devices are accessing network resources and what content is being accessed. ZeroOutages has many customers that utilize these global filtering services for guest users and/or wifi access monitoring and control.
Reporting includes top sites, top categories, and top threats.

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