Highly Secure Network Architecture

ZeroOutages' deployments incorporate end-to-end network security and prviacy controls. These controls are designed to ensure that our customers receive best in class connectivity for their mission critical network applications.

ZeroOutages SOC2

  • 1) Security - ZeroOutages provides granular firewall policies at both the data center and edge device levels. Access controls prevent potential system abuse or unauthorized access to or removal of data. We utilize two factor authentication for all system management and deploy intrusion detection across all customer platforms.

  • 2) Availability - ZeroOutages ensures accessability to our customers data and network applications through extensive network redundancy, including geographic failover and recovery options. ZeroOutages has a stated service level agreement (SLA) which outlines these availability thresholds.

  • 3) Processing Integrity - ZeroOutages has implemented global system testing across its core network elements to ensure that our customers data is handled in a timely, accurate, valid, and complete manner. Adjustments are made to the systems on a real-time basis to ensure that data flows remain fast and responsive.

  • 4) Confidentiality - ZeroOutages considers the data passing through its network as confidential, meaning that any metrics obtained from our customers are maintained in a secure repository which can only be accessed by the customer via a secure access method. Encryption is used to ensure that access to these metrics are restricted and controlled by the customer.

  • 5) Privacy - ZeroOutages does not collect, retain, or disclose any data flows which traverse our network. Any customer data that is examined for security purposes is immediately released and/or the network administrator is made aware of data which has been sandboxed for further examination.

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