Synchronized Application Control

ZTNA can by default identifies over 2500 applications and will automatically detect new applications on-the-fly when paired with our endpoint (Intercept X) client. SASE customers can choose which applications they wish to allow or deny based on either application categories or on a per application basis. ZTNA also incorporates high-speed SSL inspection as 80% of web traffic is encrypted.

SASE Overview

Application Identification

ZeroOutages SASE will identify and categorize applications that arn't even in its database by working with the endpoint client. This synchonization can dramatically improve a network administrators ability to manage end-user applications with a click of checkbox.


Categorize & Control
Application Traffic

With SASE customers can easily select which application categories they wish to allow or deny. This process is similar to content filtering where websites can be allowed or denied based on type of website. When new applications are detected, they are automatically categorized based on ZeroOutages SASE AI engine.

Control Network Access

Quickly block applications which do not meet organization requirements, or block all traffic accept specific applications. Application control can be performed on a per site or global basis.

Monitor Application Usage

Know what applications are being used across the network and how much bandwidth each is using. Additionally, the ZTNA service will alert our SOC if any specific applications are abusing the network or determined to be a security risk.

Cloud Enabled Artifical Intelligence

The ZTNA service has built-in AI which can automatically categorize application traffic, even traffic that it has never seen before. It does this in conjuction with ZeroOutages endpoint security client (Intercept X).

Shape Bandwidth Usage

The ZTNA service can shape traffic on a per application basis in conjunction with ZeroOutages' SD-WAN network. Application traffic can be managed to ensure that mission critical applications like VoIP take priority over other network traffic.

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