Technology Overview

Reliable Connectivity for Branch Offices

With this add-on service our customers can quickly setup secure remote connectivity between offices with built-in acceleration and redundancy for cloud-based applications with two or more Internet links.

If you need to connect two or more offices to each other with complete accessibility ZeroOutages provides the most comprehensive solution on the market. Further, our Site2Site cloud services support the latest AES encryption technology to ensure a highly secure connection for your mission critical data.

ZeroOutages utilizes Site2Site technology for connecting and providing reundant connectivity for branch offices with secure AES encryption. The ZeroOutages SiteSite tunnels are fast, reliable and easy to setup. Every customer sits on their own private network where their encrypted traffic is routed directly between their end-points.

Single Internet VPNs are susceptible to network outages and downtime. If any point between the offices fails the remote office connectivity goes down and end-users become less productive and the organization suffers.

ZeroOutages Site2Site

MPLS and dedicated links are just as susceptible if not more so as there is no quick way around these types of outages. Either the telecommunications service provider gets the service working, or the remote offices stay down. ZeroOutages has assisted new customers which were down for days by quickly getting them up and running via our Site2Site platform. OpenVPN Support - With our customized OpenVPN support, we can also connect remote users/offices which did not previously have service available. We support OpenVPN clients for Windows, MAC, iPhone, and Android.

ZeroOutages Site2Site

With ZeroOutages our virtualized tunnels will instantly and automatically re-route data across the remaining active network connections in the event of an outage. Even in the event of a significant network failure, at multiple points, the Site2Site service will self-heal and find the best path for routing the traffic between the sites.

ZeroOutages Site2Site

When all of the available connections are up and running the ZeroOutages solution will bond the available links in order to improve network performance and will offload MPLS traffic across those links in order to increase the available MPLS bandwidth. The Site2Site service also incorporates our patented localized Internet bonding functionality to further performance for Internet and cloud-based applications.

ZeroOutages Site2Site

The ZeroOutages Site2Site services are designed from the ground up to provide a secure and reliable private network for our customers. The ZeroOutages infrastructure consists of a distributed VPN platforms that are based at each of the customers locations and their HQ or data center site.



Global Management & Monitoring
ZeroOutages maintains a global management system for monitoring our secure on-site equipment, to alert on SLA issues, and notify service providers in the event of network issues.
Enhanced Security
Every remote end-point within a customers private cloud communicates over a secure and encrypted tunnel. These tunnels are backed by the AES encryption standard used by financial institutions and the US government.
Automated Redundancy
When multiple Internet connections are available at a branch office the ZeroOutages service will instantly and automatically failover in the event of a network outage, thus keeping everyone up and running.
Optimized Best Path Routing
ZeroOutages instantly re-routes branch office traffic based on latency, packet loss, and calculated jitter for tunnel and critically defined networks.
Guaranteed Bandwidth
ZeroOutages on-site equipment will prioritize and throttle tunnel traffic in order to optimize critical applications like VoIP, Citrix, and other business specific applications.
Virtual Private Data Center
Connect your data center equipment to your private cloud for secure access to all of your internal applications. This allows customers to access hosted servers via both the Internet and their secure private cloud.
Private Cloud Monitoring
ZeroOutages monitors each customers private tunnels to make sure that they are up and running 24/7. In the event of an issue our system notifies us immediately and customers may open a support ticket at any time via our ticket system.
Accelibond SSL Service (optional)
ZeroOutages Accelibond SSL service accelerates connectivity for cloud-based services like Google Apps, Microsoft 365, SalesForce, NetSuite, financial trading platforms, and more. Accelibond SSL works by leveraging two or more Internet links in order to perform our patented session-based bonding to improve performance and reliability for streaming services.


The following are common questions about our ZeroOutages Site2Site service. If you would like to submit a question, please fill out our information request form. Thank you.

How do I deploy Site2Site within our network?

Branch offices are connected using our on-site appliance equipment. The on-site equipment, developed specifically for ZeroOutages incorporates a number of capabilities, including a packet-level firewall, intrusion prevention, support for multiple ISP connections, and our Site2Site tunneling technology.

ZeroOutages Site2Site

Our standard deployment location is between the customers existing firewall and the various WAN circuits. This may require the additional of a private subnet between the firewall and the ZeroOutages onsite appliance. ZeroOutages support will assist with this configuration and the pre-configuration of the onsite devices.

ZeroOutages Site2Site

In a parallel deployment, the ZeroOutages onsite appliances sit in parallel with the existing onsite firewall. In this case only the site-to-site traffic, i.e. the traffic destine for the remote offices, is forwarded from the firewall to the LAN side address of the ZeroOutages appliance. The ZeroOutages appliance then handles the traffic between the sites and ensures bonding and failover along with best path routing for that traffic. The firewall continues to handle all other traffic.

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