Advantages of FlexPrem SD-WAN™

FlexPrem SD-WAN™ is a unique type of SD-WAN which leverages the capabilities of both a cloud and premise solution and does so using unique and patented technology. When combined with our unsurpassed US-based service team, ZeroOutages ensures smooth deployments for our customers.

Session-Based Vector Routing

FlexPrem SD-WAN™ has patented technology that does not require duplicating packets on each circuit, thus freeing available bandwidth for other applications.

Seamless Network Failover

ZeroOutages' solutions can failover between available paths in seconds, ensuring that phone calls and critical applications stay up and running in the event of an outage.

Highly Secure SD-WAN

While other SD-WAN solutions have been found to have multiple vulnerabilities, ZeroOutages unique SD-WAN architecture eliminates these potential issues and ensures that our customers' networks are protected.

Virtual IP Allocation

ZeroOutages services can provide a virtual address that is shared across all broadband circuits. This makes FlexPrem SD-WAN™ superior to premise firewall solutions.

No Speed Reduction

While some SD-WAN platforms slow network performance through packet-based routing, ZeroOutages enables customers to take full advantage of their Internet links.

Best Path Routing™

FlexPrem SD-WAN™ has patented technology which allows for significant flexibility when it comes to how network traffic is routed across the various paths. This routing functionality is dynamic and continuously measured in order to provide the best possible performance.

SD-WAN Dashboard

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If you are an MSP that offers VoIP, remote desktop, site-to-site, teleworker, or firewall services to customers, you should seriously consider ZeroOutages Cloud Hub. Centralize connectivity services for your customers and reduce your costs at the same time. Provide a secure, reliable, and highly scalable connectivity solution leveraging ZeroOutages Global SDN platform.

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