Why Partner with ZeroOutages?

ZeroOutages reduces costs and improves margin for our partners via our highly scalable and easy to manage platform. This global management platform, in conjunction with our unique CloudHub services give our partners capabilities that can't be duplicated by their competitors, giving you a competitive advantage.

Centralized Management

ZeroOutages provides industry leading network and security management via our single-pane-of-glass portal. This portal enables our partners to manage all aspects of their customer deployments, with assistance from ZeroOutages certified network engineering staff whenever needed.

Secure CloudHub Infrastructure

Utilize ZeroOutages highly redundant CloudHub to provide Virtual IP, site-to-site, remote SSL VPN, and encrypted routing to data center resources like AWS and Azure. Additionally, our FlexSTREAM cloud-security services are delivered via our CloudHub architecture to offload processor intensive functions of on premise firewall appliances.

Strategic Partnerships

ZeroOutages has partnered with best-in-class vendors, including Sophos and Duo to enable our security services. Our multi-path 100Gbps data center connectivity and next generation enterprise-class technology provides multiple layers of security, protecting against DDoS and other network born attacks to ensure that our customers have seamless connectivty and peace of mind.

CloubHub Virtual IP Services

One of the unique sales features that our MSP partners recieve is our CloudHub functionality. Each end-customer is deployed with their own private CloudHub network, which includes a Virtual IP Address (VIP) for seamless redundancy when connecting to the Internet and cloud services like VoIP.

Co-Managed Support

ZeroOutages provides an open support model, wherein our partner can manage everything themselves via our centralized web-based portal, or they can request that our support team make changes for them. There is no difference in the cost of services, and our engineers can be leveraged at anytime. So whenever our partners need assistance, we are there to help.

Better Margins

ZeroOutages can significantly reduce costs for our partners. This cost reduction is achieved through economies of scale and minimized support. Most of our partners recognize nearly a 10% increase in operating margin with the deployment of the ZeroOutages platform. Improved financial performance along with less support headaches, are big reasons to partner with ZeroOutages.

SD-WAN Dashboard

Deliver Seamless Redundancy and End-to-End Security with ZeroOutages

If you are an MSP that offers VoIP, remote desktop, site-to-site, teleworker, or firewall services to customers, you should seriously consider ZeroOutages' CloudHub. Centralize connectivity services for your customers and reduce your costs at the same time. Provide a secure, reliable, and highly scalable connectivity solution leveraging ZeroOutages CloudHub platform.

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