Got Virtual IP Addressing?

ZeroOutages LTE reliability services guarantee uptime and seamless failover for our customers with a virtual IP address to ensure headache free redundancy. Using LTE with a firewall or wireless router does not provide seamless failover, learn more below.

Broadband with LTE Backup

ZeroOutages LTE Redundancy services come with a LTE backup circuit and a Virtual IP address for easy deployment and automated / seamless failover to keep customers up and running 24/7. Our LTE solution means that phones don't have to be rebotted and end-users don't lose work that they have done in the event of an circuit issue.

Uptime SLA Guarantee

ZeroOutages provides our customers with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, any downtime longer than this quoted amount triggers our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and credits. Our team of certified network engineers make sure that our customers stay up and running, if a link failure does occur, our customers and their end-users don't even know it happened.

Virtual IP Address

Firewalls and wireless routers don't provide Virtual IP Address services. The magic of our seamless redundancy is due to the virtual IP address that we provide as part of each customer deployment. This VIP is utilized across each Internet link, which means no resets, no reboots, and no downtime.

Quality of Service & Meshed Networking

By dynamically controlling the queuing of traffic, ZeroOutages customers always receive the best possible quality of service over their Internet links. Up to 5Gb of monthly data usage is included with the LTE service before overage charges apply. Customers may also pool data across multiple locations or combine LTE circuits at a single location to increase performance during an outage.

SD-WAN Dashboard

Unsurpassed Network Management

ZeroOutages includes a comprehensive portal for our customers and their IT partners to be able to manage their deployment 24/7. Customers can see how their circuits are performing, check bandwidth usage, and determine which applications are used the most, all via a single pane of glass.

The Redundancy Experts

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