Sandboxing with Deep Learning

Each SASE deployment incorporates AI-based Sandboxing functionality. Sandboxing is the capability to automatically identify and prevent network based content from being accessed by end-users. When traffic is sandboxed ZeroOutages SOC will examine and remove it. The customer can then examine detailed reports on what happened and where the threat originated.

SASE Overview

Artifical Intelligence

ZeroOutages SASE infrastructure will block threats before they can reach our customers LAN, however if an end-user brings in a threat from the outside, ZTNA can automatically detect and eliminate the threat with our endpoint protection (Intercept X). The AI-driven static and dynamic file analysis techniques combine to bring unprecedented threat intelligence to effectively identify and block ransomware, known and unknown threats.




SOC Management

ZeroOutages Security Operations Center (SOC) constantly monitors for sandbox'd files and will test said files and report issues to the customer. When alerts are triggered additional root cause analysis can be performed, thus allowing the customer to better understand the threat.

Root Cause Analysis

With ZTNA services our customers can quickly identify offending devices. ZeroOutages SOC will review any alert and provide detailed source tracking to enable quick resolution. ZTNA performs dynamic file analysis by executing files in a secure cloud environment to observe its behavior and intent.


Sandbox Executables

The ZeroOutages SD-WAN infrastructure will identify and forward potentially malicious files to a secure cloud for testing and execution so that said content never touches the customers network.


Ensure Compliance

ZeroOutages security services provide detailed reporting to assist our customers in meeting their various compliance, including the stringent requiremetns for PCI and HIPAA.


Global Protection

ZeroOutages' SaaS can extend its security to both end-user client devices and to a customers internal and external servers via its endpoint protection client, which is hightly recommended.

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