SD-WAN Case Studies

Case Studies

Mercedes Benz Dealerships

Site2Site improves performance and reliability between locations.

When Mercedes Benz was looking for fast and reliable connectivity for their dealerships, they turned to ZeroOutages. The Site2Site service deployed by ZeroOutages allows this dealership to ensure uptime for both their access to cloud applications and connectivity between offices. ZeroOutages support staff monitor their WAN circuits 24/7 and automatically open tickets with their service providers in the event of an outage or poor network performance.

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Hoag Health Network

HIPPA compliance requires reliable access to cloud-based services, ZeroOutages delivers.

As any health care organization knows, network redundancy and reliability is critical. ZeroOutages ensures five nines continuity for Hoag and accelerates cloud applications, like VoIP, across their wide-area network. ZeroOutages also enables Hoag to maintain their HIPPA compliance through additional security measures built within its WAN gateway appliances, as well as easily and cost effectively scale their bandwidth across multiple broadband providers.

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ZeroOutages-case-study-f-BJs Restaurants

BJs Restaurants

When PCI compliance and network availability is critical, ZeroOutages is the solution.

With over several hundred locations, ZeroOutages helps BJs ensure PCI compliance for all of their restaurants and protects their point-of-sale and reservations systems from downtime. ZeroOutages along with our telecom partners delivered a dual-broadband solution to replace an existing and aging MPLS network. With the additional bandwidth and lower cost that these service provide BJs is now able to invest in new customer offerings to drive repeat business.

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Volunteers of America

Enuring uptime and security for mission critical social endeavors.

ZeroOutages is a proud supporter of VOA's activities at over a hundred locations around the country. The ZeroOutages team provides wide-area network management and monitoring for VOA along with security and content filtering services. VOA required different policies depending on the type and needs of the facility, some caring for children and others for teens and adults. Thankfully the ZeroOutages platform has the flexibility to support multiple policies across different networks and groups. Let us know how we can assist your organization.

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Four Seasons Hotels

Deployed by eight the top ten hotel operators around the world, ensure "ZeroOutages" for your guests.

As any hospitality operator will tell you, keeping their guests connected to the Internet has become a significant part of the services that they deliver, and nowhere might that be more important than at the Four Seasons. When high profile guests visit, they require fast and reliable communication with their organizations 24/7. With ZeroOutages our hospitality customers are guaranteed the best possible WAN connectivity for their guests, with scalable bandwidth options and the ability to monitor their SLA's in real-time ZeroOutages keeps hospitality guest happy and delivers high marks on satisfaction surveys.

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Hofman Group Restaurants

Providing wide-area network management and monitoring services.

What ZeroOutages does very well is managing the WAN (wide-area network) for our customers, like Lucille's BBQ. ZeroOutages does this through our unique onsite equipment and our three 24/7 network operations centers. The Hofman Group wanted a solution which would ensure uptime for their restaurants and PCI compliance. The ZeroOutages solution provides these services along with a host of other enhanced features which are built-in to the offering, including automated ticketing, bandwidth usage reporting, annual ISP auditing, and security consultations when new applications are being rolled out.

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Arizona Radiology

Improving the performance and security for the transfer and review of health records.

The new HIPPA standards require health care facilities provide fast, seamless, and secure access for customer medical records. Unfortuntely most organizations don't realize that MPLS, while a dedicated network, is not encrypted. ZeroOutages ensures that our health care customers' networks are not only secure, but achieve optimial performance by utilizing two or more broadband circuits, thus reducing costs while improving performance, reliability, and security at the same time. Ensure HIPPA compliance for your organization with ZeroOutages.

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Voice Media Group

News and entertainment is a 24/7 operation so ZeroOutages is the perfect compliment.

ZeroOutages assists large and diverse organizations like VMG to cost effectively connect their remote offices and ensure uptime through the use of a hybrid-WAN deployment. Hybrid-WAN's enable customers to take advantage of both public and private network infrastructure to improve WAN performance and reliability. With a hybrid-WAN architecture VMG is able to offload applications through ZeroOutages AES encrypted, meshed, site-to-site VPN service. This service allows VMG to easily scale their bandwidth and make their wide-area network operations more efficient.

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City of Torrance

Government organizations gain efficiency and optimized WAN investments with ZeroOutages.

When city officials in Torrance California required a more flexible and cost effective WAN, they looked to ZeroOutages. With scalable wide-area network solutions ZeroOutages was able to easily handle their 500Mbps sustained traffic rate, and was able to give the city more options with regards to how to manage their monthly telecommunications costs. With the multiple WAN functionality of ZeroOutages onsite appliance, the city was able to negotiate with multiple service providers in order to maximize their WAN services investment.

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Community Choice Bank

Assisting financial and banking customers with improving their WAN reliability, security, and efficiency.

Soon after deploying the ZeroOutages services the fiber service provider for CCCU in Des Moines Iowa suffered a major network outage. Luckily Community Choice had implemented ZeroOutages, and despite a complete failure by their primary ISP, Community Choice and its branch offices maintained their connectivity and were able to function throughout the outage without having to turn away customers or close their doors. This is what ZeroOutages does, our team prides itself on keeping our customers, and their end-users, connected 24/7/365.

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Blaze Pizza Restaurants

ZeroOutages can assist franchises of all shapes and sizes to improve their network connectivity.

By enabling an SD-WAN solution Blaze Pizza is able to assist their franchisees gain market share and ensure return customers. ZeroOutages SD-WAN solution can assist in pushing social media marketing via in-store wifi. ZeroOutages is uniquely integrated with various partners like KodaCloud to provide enhanced landing pages for in-store customers and can utilize our content filtering services to re-direct customers to customized social media content. ZeroOutages provides these services to Blaze along with additional PCI security, 24/7 uptime via LTE backup connectivity, and automated ISP ticketing in the event of a wide-area network outage at any of their locations.

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Cumulus Media

Improving voice calls quality and reliability for media giant.

As one of the largest operators of radio stations in the United States, ZeroOutages ensures improved quality of service for hosted VoIP services and ensures 24/7 uptime and automated failover across multiple network connections. When Cumulus initially had problems when deploying their hosted voice service behind a well known firewall brand, ZeroOutages was brought in to resolve the voice quality and call drop issues. Within a day of installation, all call issues were resolved and the customer had network reporting which they had never been able to see before.

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BeachSide Realtors

Keeping the real-estate market humming in Southern California.

With many offices located throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area, ZeroOutages' keeps all of their offices up and running and communicating with each other. ZeroOutages also ensures that each agent is able to reliably access their cloud applications 24/7, even when it rains. Additionally, ZeroOutages provides around the clock monitoring of each Internet circuit and automatically opens tickets for the customer in the event of an issue.

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Significantly reduce costs by replacing T1 lease lines and expensive MPLS connectivity.

As one of the fastest growing retail chains in the country; WSS provides the very latest in shoe selection to millions of customers across the country, ZeroOutages assists WSS by providing a replacement to their initial T1 lease line deployment. By replacing the T1 connections with single or dual broadband connections ZeroOutages is able to save this customer hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, while ensuring that their remote stores stay connected back to corporate 24/7 with our "virtualized VPN" technology.

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Jack's Surfboards

A globally recognized brand keeps surfing 24/7 with ZeroOutages.

When this retailer wanted to ensure 24/7 uptime for their business, they choose ZeroOutages. ZeroOutages' connects multiple Internet links to ensure 24/7 uptime for their mission critical applications like Point-of-Sale, inventory management, human resources, etc. Additionally, ZeroOutages prioritizes these critical applications so that lower priority Wifi traffic never interferes with VoIP calls, PoS transactions. Finally, ZeroOutages includes our unique and customized PCI validation service, which ensures that only approved devices are connected to the stores network.

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The NRP Group

Protecting one of the largest property management companies in the US from downtime.

When one of the largest property management companies in the United States was looking for a way to reduce costs and improve connectivity options for a new VoIP phone system that they were rolling out, they choose ZeroOutages. With ZeroOutages this company is able to achieve intelligent link bonding, best path routing, and automated failover across multiple broadband connections. In some cases, the broadband connection is a backup to existing MPLS where the broadband acts as a backup link with a fully encrypted VPN tunnel back to the data center. Across the 1000+ sites we have deployed with this customer they are saving tens of thousands of dollars per month by implementing VoIP along with SD-WAN for their properties.

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