"Our goal was to lower costs and reduce IT workloads,
with ZeroOutages SASE services and CloudHub we achieved both in record time."
— R. Maure, IT Director, Data Impact

What Is CloudHub?

ZeroOutages' CloudHub service is part of our SASE infrastructure, which is built within a global network of over 50 regional data centers. The CloudHub service enables our customers to deploy a virtual private network with built-in encryption with a security overlay that provides intrusion detection / prevention, and threat protection at each point of ingress and egress.

ZeroOutages SD-WAN

Global Private Backbone

Each ZeroOutages SASE customer is deployed with their own private backbone with integrated end-to-end security. Our BGP and OSPF-enabled cloud is designed to provide our customers with a global presence in over 140 countries and dynamic resiliency to ensure uptime.

Simplified Teleworker Deployments

When an enterprise SASE customer is deployed on our CloudHub service, they have access to our Zero Trust Network Access platform (FlexPOINT). This service is the most secure method in the industry for enabling a remote worker environment. ZTNA is the next generation in remote access connectivity and is far superior to traditional SSL VPN solutions.

Centralized Resource Connectivity

ZeroOutages has designed its CloudHub service so that it can easily and securely connect to your AWS, Azure, or other remote applications, cloud storage, file servers, etc. CloudHub supports IPSec, Amazon Direct Connect, and Azure DirectAccess for low latency and secure resource aggregation.

On-Demand Services

Each of the features enabled by ZeroOutages' CloudHub services can be managed in real-time which allows our customers to turn up services as needed, anywhere in the world. Whether you are adding a new office in India, or need to onboard and new group of remote workers from a recently acquired company, ZeroOutages CloudHub gives our customers the power to dynamically manage their network.

FlexPrem SD-WAN Virtual IP Address
SD-WAN Dashboard

ZeroOutages CloudHub

CloudHub provides enterprise customers with unique and dynamic capabilities that solve the issues that many organizations are facing as they move to the cloud and remote worker support.

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