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ZeroOutages SASE services combine SD-WAN, remote access, and network security into a unified cloud-based service. In the past, legacy network connectivity was deployed with specific hardware, like firewalls, or SSL VPN servers, however these solutions were difficult to scale, complex when implementing high availability, and nearly impossible to integrate into a single cohesive solution with unified reporting.

SASE enables organizations of all sizes to reduce deployment times for new locations, new remote workers, and new applications, while at the same time improving network efficiency and security. Many of our customers have told us that by implementing SASE they are able to reduce their own time to market for new products, and service delivery, in order to gain a competitive edge.


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ZeroOutages SASE Components

ZeroOutages has developed a rich feature set around its SASE solution, each component can be implemented independently, which means that enterprise customers can gradualy transition to the ZeroOutages SASE service, no late night cut-overs required. ZeroOutages SASE services consist of the following primary components:



ZeroOutages SD-WAN services provide customers with a dedicated virtual private WAN (wide-area network) that enables enterprise organizations to connect their offices and end-users to the Interent and remote resources via a secure and highly reliable network architecture.

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Remote Access

ZeroOutages ZTNA services enables our customers to secure their remote worker connectivity. Zero Trust Network Access combined with endpoint cybersecurity delivers an unequaled service for enterprises looking for a comprehensive teleworker solution.

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Traffic Inspection
and Sandboxing

With a ZeroOutages' SASE deployment enterprise customers can rest assured knowing that their network has end-to-end security integrated into their WAN architecture. SASE is superior to any stand-alone firewall or "add-on" cloud-based security service.

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Managed Threat

ZeroOutages SASE services are designed to be co-managed, which enables full control by our customers IT admins, however each client is backed by our team of network engineers and SophosLabs, a preeminent security team dedicated to ensuring uptime for our clients.

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Network Connectivity

ZeroOutages' ZXG SD-WAN appliance is a hardended network platform which connects our customers to the Internet and remote offices. This connectivity can be accomplished via any combination of LTE, DSL, VSAT, cable, or fiber circuits. ZeroOutages SD-WAN functionality enables seamless failover/failback and active/active balancing of traffic, along with integrated QoS for application prioritization. ZeroOutages is sesson-based and thus has no out-of-order packet issues.

ZeroOutages SD-WAN

Security As A Service

Delivered as part of every ZeroOutages Enterprise SASE solution is an array of network security services, including: Cloud-based intrusion detection and prevention services (IDS/IPS), along with AI-based threat protection scanning. These security services are enabled within each customers dedicated CloudHub as traffic traverses from each site to the Internet and between sites.

Wide-Area Network
Connectivity and Security
for the Enterprise

ZeroOutages' SASE service provides enhanced network protection in the cloud for any sized organization. Enterprise customers also receive our fast response service (in association with Sophos Labs) with immediate network penetration details in the event of any network security issue, including information on what happened, which users and/or devices were involved, and how it was automatically mitigated and resolved.

Application Aware Networking

ZeroOutages' SASE service maintains over 2500 application signatures in order to protect end-users from accessing unwanted and/or malicious content. Active Directory integration provides for per-user control of content and complete visibility in to how the network is being utilized.

Real-Time Sandboxing

Leverage the cloud to protect end-users from dangerous files, ZeroOutages will instantly detect and prevent file execution and enable network administrators to test and destroy said files remotely, outside of the customers' network.

Co-Managed by ZeroOutages

Centrally manage your security event reporting. ZeroOutages ensures that if an attack happens, our customers can quickly respond. ZeroOutages hosts, manages, and monitors 24/7/265 while allowing complete control by the customer.

Easily Manage Compliance

With ZeroOutages, customers can maintain compliance for PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory bodies via template-based reports and dynamically generated content from any deployments within ZeroOutages, from a single site to hundreds of sites.

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