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ZeroOutages cloud SASE service is unique in that it incorporates "true" SD-WAN services and is cloud-based, meaning it leverages the scalability can cost savings of the cloud to deliver unsurpassed network security services. Some of these services include malware and ransomware protection, sandboxing and category-based content filtering. The ORION cloud firewall provides security at both the physical edge of the customers network and offloads user traffic examination to the cloud. These cloud security services are fully PCI and HIPAA compliant and deliver next generation AI-based protection.

By offloading the processing of user traffic to the cloud, ZeroOutages lowers the cost by not having to provide expensive onsite equipment, and with built-in SD-WAN, the customer maintains 24/7 access to the cloud and is able to fully utilize each of their Internet/cloud network links.


hack attemps every hour


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ZeroOutages SASE Components

ZeroOutages Cloud Security platform is offered in two forms; our FlexPOINT security services for workstations and teleworkers, and our FlexPREM-ORION security services for office LAN networks. Both FlexPOINT and FlexPREM-ORION incorporate the components outlined below, select each to learn more about this innovative approach to network protection.


Advanced Threat

Prevent malware and ransomware from causing business interruption and liability. ZeroOutages offers award winning IDS/IPS protection from malware and ransomware. Don't suffer another outage due to a security policy violation.

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Application Control

Prevent end-users from accessing unauthorized applications. The ORION cloud firewall allows for fine tuned application control and bandwidth management. Take control over the network and how it is used on a daily basis.

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with Deep Learning

The ORION cloud firewall will automatically detect potential intrusions and sandbox said content in real-time. ZeroOutages SOC team will examine and either release or destroy any such content and provide weekly reports.

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Industry Leading
Content Filtering

A dynamic category-based content management system for organizations of all sizes. This service includes allow/deny lists and blocks content on a per site or per user basis with Active Directory integration enabled (Enterprise).

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Security Access Service Edge
for the Enterprise

ZeroOutages ORION cloud firewall service provides enhanced network protection in the cloud for any sized organization. Enterprise customers also receive our fast response service (in association with Sophos Labs) with immediate network penetration details in the event of any network security issue, including information on what happened, which users and/or devices were involved, and how it was automatically mitigated and resolved.

Additional Detail

Application Aware Networking

The ORION cloud firewall has over 2500 application signatures in order to protect end-users from accessing unwanted and/or malicious content. Active Directory integration provides for per-user control of content and complete visibility in to how the network is being utilized.

Real-Time Sandboxing

Leverage the cloud to protect end-users from dangerous files, ZeroOutages will instantly detect and prevent file execution and enable network administrators to test and destroy said files remotely, outside of the customers network.

Co-Managed by ZeroOutages

Centrally manage your security event reporting. ZeroOutages ensures that if an attack happens, our customers can quickly respond. ZeroOutages hosts, manages, and monitors 24/7/265 while allowing complete control by the customer.

Easily Manage Compliance

With ZeroOutages customers can maintain compliance for PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory bodies via template-based reports and dynamically generated content from any deployments within ZeroOutages, from a single site to hundreds of sites.

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