When To Deploy A Dedicated Subnet?

ZeroOutages Dedicated Subnet services are designed for customers that require seamless redundancy for inbound services and want their own onsite public subnet. Some examples of inbound services that would require a dedicated subnet would be IPSec VPNs and SIP PBX Truck lines. Customers get a usable public IP address routed to their internal network.

Public Subnet Addressing

The Dedicated Subnet service provides seamless network connectivity to internal application servers via a direct public IP address which is routed to our customers LAN, and routed to their firewall, or a SIP PBX system, or any other application that requires a directly assigned public IP address. This is a fully routed /30 subnet which provides seamless failover in the event of a network issue. Additional subnets up to full /24 (256 addresses) are also available, contact your account representative for more information.

All Ports and Protocols

One of the main advantages of using ZeroOutages Dedicated Subnet service is that the customer can configure their applications as if they are directly connected to the Internet, there is no network address translation (NAT) or other modifications needed to make an application work (as might be the case with some applications when using a Dedicated VIP). The Dedicated Subnet service provides four addressses ( netmask) with one usable public IP by default, but additional addresses can be obtained.

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