ORION Endpoint Malware and Ransomware Protection

The ORION endpoint security employs a comprehensive approach, instead on using a single technique to block security threats, the ORION solution uses a combination of leading next-gen capabilities deep learning and artifical intelligence to detect BOTH known and unknown threats before they can create greater harm to the network and end-users.

ZeroOutages is a division of XRoads Networks, which enables us to offer Intercept X endpoint client software.

Endpoint protection is available for Windows (PC and Server), iOS (Mac, iPad), and mobile (Andriod and iPhone).

ORION Endpoint Detection and Response - Endpoint detection and response capabilities are needed to go beyond prevention to detect additional threats, investigate further, and respond with confidence. ORION utilizes top-rated endpoint protection in a single solution, so organizations can answer the tough questions about security incidents.

ORION Anti-Ransomware - ORION endpoint utilizes behavioral analysis to stop never-before-seen ransomware and boot-record attacks, making it the most advanced anti-ransomware technology available. Even if trusted files or processes are abused or hijacked, CryptoGuard will stop and revert them without any interaction from users or IT support personnel. CryptoGuard works silently at the file system level, keeping track of remote computers and local processes that attempt to modify your documents and other files.

ORION Deep Learning Technology - The artificial intelligence built into ORION endpoint is a deep learning neural network, an advanced form of machine learning that detects both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

ORION Exploit Prevention - Vulnerabilities show up at an alarming rate in software and need to be constantly patched by vendors. New exploit techniques on the other hand are much rarer, and are used over and over again by attackers with each vulnerability discovered. Exploit prevention denies attackers by blocking the exploit tools and techniques used to distribute malware, steal credentials, and escape detection. This allows Sophos to ward off evasive hackers and zero-day attacks in your network.

ZeroOutages also incorporates co-managed SOC (Security Operations Center) support for each of our customers in order to assist with the diagnose and response to any major network incursion attempt.