Cost Reduction


ZeroOutages offers comprehensive SASE solutions for our customers, this means that we are able to provide multiple capabilities within a single platform, via a single vendor. By consolidating network and security services our customers are able to typically see dramatic cost reductions while increasing their capabilities in network and security management.

Lower Connectivity Costs

ZeroOutages can reduce our customers telecom costs by making said connectivity a commodity. Telecom circuits are typically a long-term investment for an organization, ZeroOutages with its SD-WAN and virtual IP address services, make such connectivity easily swappable, thus enabling significant contract negotiation abilities with carriers. Don't give up your contract leverage by utilizing a carriers SD-WAN solution.

Simplified Reporting

ZeroOutages enables our customers to easily generate reporting for various compliance requirements by government agencies and insurance providers. If your organization requires PCI, HIPAA, FINRA or any number of various government compliance reports, ZeroOutages can assist with meeting those needs... detailed network reporting, provided by ZeroOutages.

Simplified Support

ZeroOutages can reduce the time dedicated by IT staff so that they may focus on other tasks within an organization. By consolidating vendors an organization can usually double the resources they have for other projects; like managing mission critical applications or rolling out new products. Let ZeroOutages do for your organization what we specialize in, networking and security, so that IT can focus on the organizations primary goals.

ZeroOutages Cuts Annualized Costs by 20%

ZeroOutages is able to reduce our customers annualized IT and telecom spending by up to 20%.
These savings are created by a mix of consolidation, reduced telecom billing, improved network management,
and reduced time required by internal IT support to chase down multiple vendor issues.

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