When To Deploy A Dedicated VIP?

ZeroOutages Dedicated VIP services are designed for customers that require seamless redundancy for inbound services. Some examples of inbound services would be remote VPN connectivity to an internal firewall, RDP services, or access to on-premise web servers, etc. Customers will need to order a Dedicated VIP for each of these services that they would like to setup for inbound connectivity.

Single IP Address

The Dedicated VIP service provides seamless network connectivity to any internal application based on the designated public IP address, thus even if you have two or more ISP connections, each with their own IP address, the Dedicated VIP works across all of them, so only a single IP address is used, no matter which connections are active or inactive.

Any TCP/UDP Application

The Dedicated VIP service supports any TCP or UDP based applications. If you are using the Dedicated VIP for SSL VPN services, make sure that you are using them in Transparent Mode if using IPSec. The Dedicated VIP service will translate the traffic from the cloud to the internal device at the customers location, so the internal device will see the translated address on any reporting.

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