Why ZeroOutages?

ZeroOutages CloudHub™ Deployments

Only ZeroOutages can provide a GLOBAL network deployment all the way to the edge. ZeroOutages' customers don't need to deal with multiple service providers in different countries. ZeroOutages is a ONE STOP solution for world-wide network connectivity.

Simplified Management

Only ZeroOutages provides a single portal to manage all aspects of a customer's wide-network network and security functionality. One screen to report on outages, circuit issues, endpoint security, and even internal systems responsiveness. No other vendor has this breath of monitoring in a single platform.

Deep Path Inspection (technology)

ZeroOutages takes uptime seriously, which is why our solutions incorporate Deep Path Inspection, where network connectivity is monitored in both directions and routing decisions are made based on multiple factors, not just whether a remote device on the Internet is pingable. This patented feature is what gives our service its namesake, ZeroOutages.

Session-Based Routing (technology)

Unlike most other SD-WAN vendors which are packet-based and require packet duplication in order to resolve out-of-order issues, ZeroOutages is session-based, meaning that we can balance traffic better and outperform packet-based solutions during normal day-to-day operations.

Cloud Enabled Security

ZeroOutages SD-WAN services come with integrated cloud-based security via our FlexSTREAM services. These services include built-in Intrusion Detection and Prevention as well as SASE upgradable global content filtering and SSL-inspection capabilities. Each customer deployment also enjoys enhanced DDoS protection to further minimize network downtime.

Flexible Virtual IP Addressing

ZeroOutages provides the most flexible virtual IP address services in the industry, where some SD-WAN vendors don't even offer virtual IP addressing, and others offer limited capabilities, ZeroOutages can provide a virtual IP address anywhere in the world, with both Dedicated VIP and Dedicated Subnet options.

Comprehensive Security

ZeroOutages is the only SD-WAN/SASE vendor with a comprehensive set of security capabilities which include cloud-based IDS/IPS, content filtering, and SSL inspection, along with endpoint cybersecurity, all in one platform. Other vendors typically require multiple solutions using multiple management consoles, with ZeroOutages everything is managed via a single portal.


Many organizations today are supporting home and office workers, ZeroOutages CloubHub not only assists with connecting end-users securely back to the office, but also enables branch-to-branch connectivity along with encrypted routing to third party data centers like AWS, Azure, and Google.

Unsurpassed Support

Many of our customers give us a 10 out of 10 rating for support. How many telecom vendors can say that? ZeroOutages is second to none when it comes to our support services, take a look at our case studies and customer testimonials for confirmation. Beyond the technology, there is a commitment to excellent customer service, and unsurpassed support.

What Makes ZeroOutages Unqiue

ZeroOutages is a wide-area networking company.
ZeroOutages specializes in providing highly reliable and secure WAN connectivity.
This includes connectivity to the Internet, between branch offices, and remote worker deployments.

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