SASE Cost Analysis

Budgeting for SASE Deployments

ZeroOutages' Enterprise SASE services are designed to provide end-to-end network connectivity and security. Each of the components below can be obtain independantly, however the more comprehensive the solution, the better the reliability and security of the wide-area network. Most Enterprise SASE deployments follow the OPEX vs CAPEX model.

ZeroOutages lowers overall cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing current telecom and security infrasturcutre spending, while providing a significantly better solution with greater control and visibility.

ZeroOutages can reduce our customers telecom and security costs by over 30% on an annualized basis through consolidation and shifting resources to the cloud.

The following chart breaks down an example customer deployment with a headquarters location, 25 remote sites, an AWS deployment, 500 end-users, and 50 remote workers:

SASE Service Description Service Name Service Quantity License Type
CloudHub deployment for dedicated private site-to-site and remote worker connectivity. Two geographic hubs are deployed for low latency and redundancy. These hubs can be deployed within any of the ZeroOutages data centers around the world. Included with each VIP Standard, Enterprise, and Dedicated service.
Secure SD-WAN at the Headquarters location with dedicated virtual IP address for internal web server, QoS, DDoS protection, along with cloud-based IDS/IPS. The dedicated virtual IP address enables users on the Internet to access the internal web server via a single IP, which dstays the same no matter which ISP link is active. FlexPrem
VIP Enterprise SD-WAN
1 Main Site
Secure SD-WAN to provide office connectivity with reliable and redundant cloud-access along with resilent and encrypted site-to-site communications to the Internet with virtual IP address, QoS, DDoS protection, along with cloud-based IDS/IPS. FlexPrem
VIP Standard SD-WAN
25 Per Remote Site
Firewall services and enhanced reporting for secure SD-WAN deployment for each branch office location. SASE Upgrade 25 Per Remote Site
FlexPOINT cybersecurity client for office desktop/latop devices to provide protection from ransomware, malare, and viruses. Incorporates application control, web content filtering, and peripheral control for these devices. Management performed via the ZeroOutages portal. FlexPOINT Advanced 500 Per Desktop / Latop Device
FlexPOINT ZTNA client with built-in cybersecurity for remote desktop/latop devices to provide protection from ransomware, malare, and viruses and remote VPN access to internal applications. Zero Trust Network Access enables the network administrator to create rules for which users have access to which applications. Built-in Multi-Factor Authentication. Management performed via the ZeroOutages portal. FlexPOINT
ZTNA Advanced
50 Per Desktop / Latop Device
Enable SSL inspection for transactions to cloud-based applications, where customer does not own the server but has purchased a service. Examine the SSL sessions to ensure that the traffic coming from the application providers is clean and free from potential threats. FlexSTREAM
SSL Inspection
1 Per Customer
Protect end-users from potential corrupte email attachments and block outbound emails which may contain sensitive data. Examine all email attachments for potential ransomware and/or malware, which could be used to execute an attack within the organization if accidentally opened by end-users. FlexSTREAM
Email Protection
550 Per Email User
Optional: ZeroOutages .NET services provides last mile connectivity as part of our SASE deployments. This would be any combination of broadband based on the customers requirements. ZeroOutages supports LTE, DSL, VSAT, cable, and fiber deployments for the last mile. If the customer has existing services, ZeroOutages .NET service can be added on, or can be used to replace existing MPLS or other connectivity. ZeroOutages will work with the customer to determine the most cost efficient approach. .NET
Last Mile
26 Per Site

Typical Enterprise SASE deployments range from $2,500 to $25,000 in monthly costs, however these costs can easily be offset by lower telecom circuits costs, reduced spend on other security services, reduced spend on various network reporting and management services, and the mitigtation of network security related liabilities.

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