Cloud Security
Intrusion Detection & Prevention

FlexSTREAM IDS/IPS ensures that our customers traffic is examined for potential network intrusion attempts in real-time and such attempts are blocked before they even get to our customers networks. Our IDS/IPS services are built-in to our cloud connectivity, every ZO-Connect or CloudHub service has this integrated feature.

When customers connect to our CloubHub service via a ZO-Connect deployment, they have built-in protection from external threats which may attempt to gain access to internal networks via our dedicated virtual IP addresses. ZeroOutages protections customers automatically from these threats and helps prevent DDoS and other Internet-based attacks via our high performance data centers.

Additional cloud security services can be layered on top of our cloud-enabled IDS/IPS including SSL inspection, content filtering, email inspection, and more. Contact one of our sales representatives to learn.

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