Security Overview

The Orion Network Security System: Application Aware Firewall, Content Filtering, Dynamic Outbound URL Blocking, PCI Scanning and Policy Assurance

ZeroOutages offers a comprehensive security solution which includes a packet level firewall which is application aware. The firewall supports all standard configuration parameters and can be used to allow or deny application both inbound and outbound. The firewall is fully stateful and thus will allow application traffic once it has been established.

The Orion Network Security system is compatible with most existing firewall solutions and services. Customers can choose to continue to use their existing firewall and/or security services, or implement the modular Orion Network Security system.

Orion's DNSFILTER provides network administrators with the ability to select which content can be accessed by end-users and local applications on-the-fly. Content is categorized and can be enabled or disabled by a click of the mouse. The DNSFILTER control is a seprate web-based portal wherein access can be granted to non-technology personnel to make changes quick and easy.

With Orion Network Security customers can block all outbound traffic and only allow specific traffic which is granted. This prevents malware or other network viruses from quickly spreading and keeps unauthorized applications from automatically downloading and/or giving access to external users.

Each Orion Network Security deployment has the ability to perform PCI network scanning, this process ensures that only authorized devices are connected to the local area network at each remote site. Security policy assurance can also be enabled which verifies that firewall rules are applied on each remote system per the guidelines and/or template set by corporate. If any remote device is changed, accidentally or maliciously, the Orion Network Security system will find the issue and quickly report it to the network admin(s).

Orion Network Security

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I really appreciate your flexibility, it is part of the reason I like working with you guys so much. Brad L. Motorbrian

We chose this solution because it was rich with features that we required yet affordable. Mark R. Valco

Thank you, without the proof from your SLA reports the ISP would not have fixed my lines. I am fixed, and they have found bad wiring to the pole from our last storm. Adam B. Technology Solutions

ZeroOutages was connected to two DSL lines of 3Megs each and pull a 10Meg download, our Cisco engineer was impressed. Jay W. Wincorp MSP

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