FlexPrem™ SD-WAN

"We had an ISP failure, and we didn't even
know, everything kept working, because of ZeroOutages"
— Richard Maure, IT Director, Data Impact

What is FlexPrem™ SD-WAN?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a revolutionary process for improving operational efficiency when accessing mission critical applications. FlexPrem™ SD-WAN incorporates patented technology called Vector Routing, which ensures that our customers traffic always takes the best path. In doing so our customers receive the most efficient routing across multiple broadband connections.

What is SD-WAN
SD-WAN Advantages

FlexPrem™ SD-WAN Advantages

Traditional WANs are expensive, inflexible, and opaque. ZeroOutages' SD-WAN solutions can significantly reduce costs, provide flexible carrier contract management, and deliver unsurpassed visibility in to how and who is utilizing your wide-area network. ZeroOutages deploys its solutions 100 times faster than traditional WAN solutions and reduces costs by over fifty percent. Now that you have virtualized your servers, it's time to virtualize your WAN, with an SD-WAN solution from ZeroOutages.

Award Winning & Patented Technology

Since 2001 ZeroOutages' technology has won a number of awards and received accolades from top names in the industry press. ZeroOutages Hybrid-WAN functionality has been issued multiple patents and, unlike any other SD-WAN vendor, has had its patents tested and won in US Federal court. With Hybrid-WAN, ZeroOutages customers can combine secure Internet connectivity with dedicated (MPLS/T1) connectivity to improve redundancy, lower costs and deliver best path application routing.

Award Winning SD-WAN
OnSite Intelligence

FlexPrem™ OnSite Intelligence

ZeroOutages has a hybrid (premise and cloud-based) architecture which delivers the best of both worlds. Our onsite appliances are deployed to the customers site and deliver localized security, intelligent routing, and dynamic traffic shaping. Additionally, ZeroOutages can backhaul certain types of traffic which require dedicated/single IP services, or other cloud-centric functionality. ZeroOutages is the only patented hybrid architecture SD-WAN solution provider.

Comprehensive WAN Management

ZeroOutages delivers a complete wide-area network management service, which includes: Initial Network Design, Onsite Appliance Configuration, 24/7 Network Monitoring, Automated ISP Ticketing, Ticket Tracking, and Bandwidth Diagnostics. These services combined with ZeroOutages' unsurpassed ZOOM central management system, to deliver a comprehensive WAN management solution for organizations both large and small. Learn how we have assisted over 3000 locations improve their WAN connectivity.

Comprehensive SD-WAN

Faster Connectivity

Bandwidth Elasticity Delivers Flexible and Scalable Throughput.

ZeroOutages enables customers to utilize two or more wide-area network connections in order to more efficiently route critical application traffic between end-users and either the cloud or remote data centers. While our Best Path Routing functionality does not incorporate automatic routing based on bandwidth or data transfer rates, as that information can not be accuarately obtained for most sites, as part of our comprehensive service, ZeroOutages does monitor these Best Path Routes and can make routing modifications as needed for our customers.

Patented Technology:

  • Best Path Routing™
  • Multipath Dynamic Traffic Shaping
  • Session-Based VPN Virtualization

Via this unique technology ZeroOutages is able to improve performance for customers. When peak bandwidth usage is detected, the onsite ZeroOutages appliance will automatically shape the traffic to ensure critical application receive guaranteed bandwidth. When one critically defined path is found to be more efficient then another, sessions are automatically routed over that path based on round-trip time and packet loss. Importantly, ZeroOutages never performs any analysis or examination of the data files which are traversing our platforms as part of our Best Path Routing. Security is paramount when it comes to the services we offer.

Significant Savings

Large multi-site customers can easily save over 50% in monthly reoccurring wide-area network management fees. Customers can reduce costs in a multitude of ways, both near and long-term.

  • ZERO up front hardware costs
  • ZERO setup and consultation charges
  • ZERO outside ticket management fees

SD-WAN leverages the availability and cost effectiveness of broadband connectivity. By utilizing SD-WAN with dual-Internet broadband, over dedicated and MPLS connectivity, customers can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month, per site. With ease of configuration and deployment, ZeroOutages' customers further reduce the time (and costs) required by IT staff with regards to the SD-WAN installation.

Platform Agility

Combine Multiple Functions

The ZeroOutages onsite appliance incorporates a variety of capabilities within a single platform and can be deployed in "zero-touch" mode. Organizations can deploy a single hardware platform to a branch office location in order to reduce support, management and maintenance fees.

Intelligent WAN Routing

Functionality that ensures automated wide-area network redundancy and the ability to combine multiple circuits in order to provide additional (scalable) bandwidth along with best path and priority routing to improve overall performance.

Network Diagnostics

Functionality that sniffs the packets arriving and leaving the local area network, which gives IT administrators detailed network information in order to gain visibility and enable better management of the WAN bandwidth.

Network Security

Functionality that includes comprehensive network security, packet-level firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering, anti-virus and anti-malware with the ability to automatically classify thousands of applications in real-time.

Traffic Shaping

Functionality that enables the shaping and prioritization of network traffic. These shaping capabilities allow IT administrators to identify top or critical applications and guarantee bandwidth for them.

A Simple Low Monthly Service Fee

The ZeroOutages platform is delivered via a single monthly fee, no setup, no hardware to purchase. With pricing starting under $100 per month / per site.
No hidden fees. Standard service term 24-months then month-to-month.

What's Included?

  • ZeroOutages Intelligent Routing Appliance
  • Link Aggregation and Bonding
  • Automated Network Redundancy
  • Dynamic QoS and Traffic Throttling
  • Packet-Level PCI Compliant Firewall
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring and Reporting
  • ISP Outage Ticketing and Ticket Tracking

*Pricing determined based on a number of factors, including features, bandwidth and number of users.

SD-WAN Features

See what makes ZeroOutages the leader in SD-WAN solutions.

Best Path Routing™

ZeroOutages patented intelligent routing technology incorporates the automatic detection of network connection, deep path link testing, and the dynamic selection of routes based on the best performing path. The ZeroOutages team pioneered these capabilities over 15 years ago.

Dynamic QoS & Throttling

ZeroOutages multi-WAN dynamic shaping is unique and ensures that our customers mission critical application traffic always has the bandwidth they need to keep end-users productive. Out-of-the-box the ZeroOutages appliance will ensure quality of service (QoS) for our customer's top applications.

Application Performance Monitoring

ZeroOutages will continuously monitor cloud-based applications in order to ensure that there are no network related issues with those applications. If an issue is detected the IT administrator will be alerted via email and our support team will automatically take corrective actions.

Complete Network Visibility

Unsurpassed network usage collection and continuous telemetry from the ZeroOutages appliance back to the ZOOM portal gives our customers detailed insight in to how their network connections are being used, who is using them, and when they are being used. Data is collected and stored for up to a year.

"Zero-Touch" Deployment

Each ZeroOutages appliance is configured for DHCP mode, however through our deployment process IT administrators can provide static IP addressing, VLANs, routing protocols (OSPF) and other specific settings which they wish to have implemented. All of these parameters can be configured prior to final deployment, making the installation process quick and easy.

PCI / HIPAA Security

The ZeroOutages appliance has a full set of network security capabilities including a packet-level stateful inspection firewall. The firewall functionality includes intrusion detection and prevention, cloud-based content filtering, and is application aware. Administrators have the option of enabling or disabling these features.

SD-WAN Dashboard

Gain A Competitive Advantage with SD-WAN

ZeroOutages' SD-WAN solutions enable IT administrators to reduce costs by over 50%, improve application performance, and deployments to occur within a fraction of the time of typical hardware installations. ZeroOutages site deployments can take less than 15 minutes to get up and running.

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