Integrated Content Filtering

ZeroOutages Security-as-a-Service incorporates several levels of content filtering, including our industry leading DNS-based content filter. The ORION cloud firewall integrated content filtering is offered for customers that route all http/https network traffic through the SD-WAN network. When SSL traffic is routed through the SD-WAN cloud, this enables category filtering and application analysis via the ORION cloud firewall.

ORION Overview

Automated Categorization

Customers can select from a list of defined categories from which traffic should be allowed or denied. Once this initial configuration has been completed, all newly detected sites can be automatically categorized, or the customer can make further custom selections.


Web Usage

With ORION's advanced content filtering customers can quickly see how much bandwidth is being used by end-users accessing specific websites. This can be useful for determining which sites should be blocked in order to reduce overall bandwidth usage.

Block Page
and Bypass Feature

When an end-user is blocked by the advanced content filtering system, they will be prompted with a block screen. This block screen can be customized with the customer logo and provides the ability for a manager or network administrator to bypass the block page in order to access the page content.

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