"The Cloud Hub"

ZeroOutages has developed a comprehensive set of SDN (Software Defined Networking) based tools for our MSP partners. Our specialty is cloud-based inter-connectivity, making sure that our partners and their customers have secure, reliable communications between offices, for remote teleworkers, and Zero Trust Network Access to external resources like AWS/Azure.

Site-to-Site Connectivity (w/VIP)

ZeroOutages provides second-to-none SD-WAN and site-to-site network connectivity, enabling each office to securely connect back to data center resources and provide managed visibility from headquarters, scalable to over 10,000 locations anywhere in the world. Each branch office deployment can be configured with a VIP for seamless 24/7 uptime.

Instant Provisioning / Co-Managed

Setup customers in minutes instead of hours or days with ZeroOutages "cloud hub". Eliminate the headache and hassel of deploying cloud-based network solutions. ZeroOutages can help reduce costs and ensure higher margins with our multi-path 100Gbps data center connectivity and Sophos' next generation enterprise-class technology.

Global Anycast Infrastructure

Utilize ZeroOutages highly redundant cloud to securely connect your customers to data center resources. Our BGP and OSPF-enabled cloud is designed to provide our partners with a global presence in over 140 countries and dynamic resilency to ensure uptime. Utilize the security and reliability of ZeroOutages "cloud hub" for your customers.

Simplified Teleworker Deployments

Unify a customers site-to-site and teleworker connectivity in a single platform. ZeroOutages XRoadsVPN connectivity for remote workers is simple to deploy and centrally managed. Our MSP partners, and their customers, can easily manage access rights via our global RADIUS server, or they can setup Active Directory or DUO authentication with a few clicks.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

ZeroOutages provides a comprehensive ZTNA solution that is hosted in the ZeroOutages global cloud network. With our FlexPOINT service, our MSP partners can create a custom secure application access solution for their customers and ensure the best possible protection for their networks.

Management Portal

Our MSP partners have the ability to manage all aspects of their services via our portal, this includes generating new orders, checking order status, managing end-point devices, controlling customer security poilicies, and getting detailed reporting on their customers. The portal also provides our partners with unsurpassed network connectivity monitoring via our NETMON service, free to all MSP partners.

SD-WAN Dashboard

Deliver Seamless Redundancy and Accelerated Cloud Applications with ZeroOutages

If you are an MSP that offers VoIP, remote desktop, site-to-site, teleworker, or firewall services to customers, you should seriously consider ZeroOutages Cloud Hub. Centralize connectivity services for your customers and reduce your costs at the same time. Provide a secure, reliable, and highly scalable connectivity solution leveraging ZeroOutages Global SDN platform.

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