ZeroTrust Network Access

ZeroOutages provides advanced VPN solutions which incorporate ZTNA for full network resource access and control. With this functionality customer admins can lock down access to specific files and application resources based on the group in which end-user is assigned and/or the security leve of a specific end-user. ZTNA also provides enhanced tracking and reporting capaiblities for network administrators to understand how the netwok utilization.

Dedicated ZTNA CloudHub

The ZeroOutages ZTNA solution provides customers with their own dedicated ZTNA CloudHub from which end-users connect and are then controlled via the administrators policies and firewall rules. Each remote user can have multiple rules applied to which resources they are able to access and which are blocked.

Resource Allocation and Control

One of the first steps in setting up ZTNA controls are to identify which resources will be available to remote users, with ZTNA network administrators have the ability to block resources, unlike with traditional VPN technology. This does require additional planning during the setup process, however the security benefit can not be minimized. It is far LESS likely that an organization which has deployed ZTNA will be subjected to a successful hack attempt.

The CloudHub

ZeroOutages CloubHub service is somewhat unique in the industry as each CloudHub is DEDICATED to the customer. ZeroOutages customers do not share CloudHub instances, and thus they have higher security and better protection against accidental configuration mistakes. Customers with the ZTNA service have specific CloudHub instances which are specifically enabled with the ZTNA functionality with greater abilities by our customers specified network admins to manage and control such instances.

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