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VPN Technology

ZeroOutages has developed one of the most secure and easy to deploy remote access solutions in the industry. Our Advanced VPN service incorporates a client-less VPN (access simply with any web browser) and a dedicated IP address/URL (geographic failover option available). When the connectivity is initiated the end-user will be challenged with two factor authentication (using Duo) and upon comfirmation, be connected to their own dedicated RDP server. NOTE: The server has full AD integration to handle multiple remote users. Post authentication the user can only access resources which are approved by the network adminstrator through two levels of remote access security.

Client-Less Remote Access

ZeroOutages deploys its Advanced VPN solution with a client-less VPN offering, meaning zero software setup for remote users. This is one of the easiest VPN solutions available in the industry. Simply provide your remote users with the VPN IP address/URL and make sure that theu know their login requirements. If MFA is enabled they will need to confirm authentication via a phone call to their smartphone, or they can choose to download the Duo MFA application for one-click authentication.

RDP Connectivity with

ZeroTrust Network Access

Once the end-user is connected, they will be placed in an RDP session with a server which is connected to whatever resources the customers network administator wishes to allow. Each user is identified based on their login and source IP credentials. Policies can be applied based on the login which lock down the end-user access only to specific resources. End-users can be given access to the Internet from the RDP server or can be locked down to only internal or IPSec connected resources. Again, with two levels of security the clients network administrator has significant management capabilities.

  • Unique Remote Access Control and Management
  • Detailed Network Usage Reporting
  • Internal and External Network Access Control
  • Fine Tune Access per Group or per User
  • Integrated Active Directory Support for Multiple Users

Multi-Factor Authentication

Utilizing Duo Client Application

ZeroOutages enables dual authentication for all remote access users via our partnership with Duo. Duo supports both call-based and application-based secondary authentication. ZeroOutages customers can integrate dual authentication to support protection of SSH devices, Microsoft Servers, Active Directory and LDAP accessible resources and any other generic resource that the administrator would like to setup.

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ZeroOutages' enables IT administrators to reduce costs by over 50%, improve application performance, and deployments to occur within a fraction of the time of typical hardware installations. ZeroOutages site deployments can take less than 15 minutes to get up and running.

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