Why Deploy ZeroOutages VPN?

ZeroOutages' VPN solutions help our customers quickly deploy remote access services for their user-base. ZeroOutages has both client and client-less VPN options. Our next generation client-less VPN integrates encrypted connectivity with MFA, RDP and ZTNA to achieve the highest level of remote access security. Each ZeroOutages VPN solution can be paired with global geographic failover functionality to ensure 24/7/365 uptime.

Easy to Deploy

ZeroOutages has designed each of its remote access VPN solutions to be simple to deploy. Its client-based SSL VPN works on both Windows and Apple platforns, can be installed in minutes, and allows end-users to connect at the click of a button. The ZeroOutages client-less VPN simply requires a browser and an IP address to connect, no additional software required.

CloudHub Integration

Each ZeroOutages VPN solution integtates our unique CloudHub architecture to deliver a customized for our clients, with the ability to deploy anywhere in the world. Customers can achieve low latency and full redundancy by working with our engineeing team to build out a tailored network design.

Integrated AES Encryption

Our SSL and client-less tunnels incorporate AES encryption, the default key lenght is 256, however larger keys can also be used, at the expense of higher latency. Other encryption algorithms are also available for customers that have specific requirements.

ZeroTrust Network Access

With the deployment of ZTNA a customer can choose which remote users have access to which internal files and applications. ZTNA gives admins the ability to select only those resources which the user should have access to based on their department and/or security level. The significant advantage of ZTNA is that companies can better lock down their remote access services and not give every remote user full access to the internal network.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA or 2F authentication provides a significant increase in remote access security. With MFA/2F enabled, any remote user must authenticate by not only an initial password, but also via a secondary source which has already been verified, i.e. via the end-users smartphone application, or via a call to a pre-approved phone number.

Endpoint Protection

Only ZeroOutages integrates our award winning endpoint protection in to a complete remote access VPN solution for customers. Our endpoint protect ensures that when remote users do initiate an authorized connection to a clients mission critical resources, that said client is not connecting with malware, or a virus, which could infect the rest of the customers network.

Geographic Network Redundancy

Some enterprise customers have truly mission critical network access requirements for their remote users. In these cases, ZeroOutages offers a completely redundant geographic failover solution. Example: If the primary CloudHub is in New York, the customer can automatically failover to a CloudHub in Dallas or Chicago automatically and instantaneuously.

Network-to-Network Connectivity

ZeroOutages includes full IPSec support for connecting VPN users to company assets at HQ, a data center, or within an Azure, AWS, or other cloud deployment like Google or IBM. ZeroOutages supports all common IPSec tunnel parameters and can setup global access via a single tunnel, thus reducing costs and complexity.

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ZeroOutages' SD-WAN solutions enable IT administrators to reduce costs by over 50%, improve application performance, and deployments to occur within a fraction of the time of typical hardware installations. ZeroOutages site deployments can take less than 15 minutes to get up and running.

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