How It Works

ZeroOutages VIP services work by routing traffic from the customers location through our data centers and then providing a public IP address which the customer can use regardless of which WAN link they may be connected to at any given time.

This ensures fast failover (5-15 seconds) and no restarting of phones or having to re-login to critical cloud-based applications.

These services are delivered via a global network of SD-WAN hub sites, each of which delivers local and low latency connectivity for our customers across a BGP anycast network with our own dedicated public IP address space.

Deployment Diagram

The following diagrams demonstrate the typical ZeroOutages deployment.


Traditionally customers have either utilized the Internet, or have used dedicated connections (MPLS, T1, DS3, Fiber, Ethernet) in order to connect to their data center. The problems with this type of deployment include: 1) it is very expensive, 2) it is not easily scalable, 3) it is open to "tapping" attacks where unauthorized users could gain access to business critical data, 4) many of these dedicated connections do not include built-in redundancy, thus if a network outage occurs, end-users are down and must wait for network services to be restored, 5) availability of a dedicated connection can also be a significant problem in certain area.

Virtual Private Data Center


Unlike dedicated connections, the ZeroOutages Private Cloud suffers from none of these drawbacks. The ZeroOutages services are relatively inexpensive as they typically utilize inexpensive but high bandwidth broadband links. Broadband links are widely available and can easily be combined to scale bandwidth as required by the customer. With our packet-level data encryption unauthorized personel could not access business critical data even if they were to "tap" the Internet connection. Finally, every ZeroOutages solution comes with built-in automated failover acoss up to five different network connections. No other solution has a higher reliability percentage, 99.999998%.

Virtual Private Data Center Optimization

For more information regarding how the ZeroOutages solutions work, please contact a ZeroOutages sales representative or fill out our information request form. Thank you.