SD-WAN + Content Filtering + Remote Access

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) provides a security overlay on top of next generation SD-WAN, including built-in security services. However they can still be paired with existing firewall and security solutions. The SMB and Enterprise services both include Integrated Remote Access solution, which are managed in the cloud, making the management of remote users fast and seamless. As the SASE services include security functionality, they can be used to manage remote access permissions which controls which remote users have access to which resources.

Each SASE service also comes with cloud managed content filtering services and an assigned virtual IP address for seamless failover across ISP connections. Works by sitting in front of any existing firewall deployment or can replace a firewall, as needed.

ZeroOutages SASE Components

ZeroOutages SASE services include the HomeOffice, SMB, and Enterprise versions. Each incorporates next generation SD-WAN with virtual IP addressing, cloud managed content filtering, and built-in remote access capabilities for remote workers. The HomeOffice version of the product does not have remote access, but does have an integrated wireless access point with home and office SSIDs for easy home deployments.


Remote Access

Quickly setup and easily manage remote access permissions with the SASE platform. All users can be managed from our portal and various access levels can be applied based on group privledges.


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Content Filtering

Dynamic category-based content management for organizations of all sizes. This service is easily managed in the cloud, includes custom policies, malicious site blocking and detailed reporting.

Virtual IP Addressing

The SASE services include virtual IP addressing to ensure seamless 24/7 network redundancy. In the event of a link failover the SASE service will automatically re-route traffic over the backup link and continue to use the same IP address for mission critical applications.

Application Aware Firewall

Each of the SASE services incorporate a firewall to provide managed network access and control. This functionality can be used in combination with an existing onsite firewall, or become the primary firewall depending on the site requirements. The firewall can also perform one-to-one NAT operations.

Cloud Security Services

Each SASE service provides an additional layer of cloud enabled security. This security includes content filtering, malicious site blocking, and IDS/IPS for application traffic traversing our virtual IP address (VIP) service. These services can easily be combined with any existing firewall services.

Cloud Managed

The SASE platform is easy to manage via ZeroOutages global portal. With built-in link monitoring, device management, and security policy management, network administrators have a somply interface from which to view their deployments and control policies for each location.

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