True SD-WAN Services

ZeroOutages enables our MSP partners to deliver TRUE SD-WAN services to their customers. While many firewalls support "SD-WAN" capabilities, without a VIP the customer does not have a seamless failover and QoS solution, nor can the MSP easily setup site-to-site connectivity or provide inbound application redundancy.

VoIP and UCaaS Uptime

ZeroOutages VIP services ensure that end-customers have a seamless and quick failover for their voice over IP phones and communications systems. Our VIP services can failover customers without the IP address having to change between providers, which means phone don't have to be restarted or PBX systems reset.

Quality of Service and DDoS Protection

Virtual IP services (VIPS) also provide an additional layer of network performance management, including built-in QoS for mission critical applications and the ability to block potentially damaging distributed denial of service attacks.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Through our partnership with Sophos the VIP services are amazingly easy to deploy. New sites can be turned up within minutes. The entire deployment process from contract to configuration can be done in under an hour. ZeroOutages has truly made the ability to turn up true SD-WAN services simple.

Simplified Remote Connectivity

Integrated as part of our VIP services, ZeroOutages provides our MSP partners with an easy to deploy site-to-site and remote teleworker platform. Our teleworker platform is based on the Sophos client which our partners are already used to and can manage themselves.

SD-WAN Dashboard

Delivered via Existing Sophos Firewall

If you are an MSP that deploys Sophos firewalls to your customers, now you can easily offer Virtual IP Services (VIPS) to your customers using our FlexPREM services, based on Sophos firmware and our unique cloud infrastructure.

The SD-WAN Experts

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