SD-WAN for Sophos Firewalls

If you already have a Sophos firewall device, adding a virtual IP address for seamless redundancy, is just a few clicks away.

Why Deploy VIP Services?

ZeroOutages provides our Sophos partners with cloud-based virtual IP services. Virtual IP services are required to provide end-users with automated network redundancy for VoIP, UCaaS and other mission critical cloud applications. These VIP services are easy to deploy and work with any existing Sophos XG firewalls. ZeroOutages delivers its services via our global SD-WAN network, click here to learn more.

Virtual IP Services (VIPS)

One of the more unique capabilities of an SD-WAN service is the ability to provide a virtual address which is shared across each of our customers Internet links. This means that regardless of which link is being used at any given time, the traffic comes from the same IP address, which is critical for application failover.

DDoS Protection

ZeroOutages VIP services can protect customers from DDoS attacks against a customers network and cloud-communication. By leveraging the bandwidth at ZO data centers any protential DoS attack can be mitigated by drop or redirecting traffic using BGP and automated response systems within the ZeroOutages network.

QoS to Increase Network Performance

By combining multiple Internet connections ZeroOutages can increase overall network bandwidth. In the event of high latency or minor packet loss on one of the links, ZeroOutages will dynamically shift applications over to the better performing link. This service includes bandwidth prioritization and traffic shaping.

True Redundancy

Without virual IP address a customer with hosted VoIP phones will likely need to reboot every time the Internet link fails, and they will likely have to log back in to secure web applications. A virtual IP ensures that the same public address is used across all ISP connections, thus preventing these issues.

Already a Partner?

If you are already a partner, just click the link below to order new service. Also, if you have customers with multiple locations, take a look at our site-to-site configuration, where each site connects to our ZO-Connect cloub hub for fully redundant and secure site-to-site connectivity. ZeroOutages offers connectivity services across over 50+ data centers in over 140 countries. Please contact ZeroOutages sales for more information.