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Cloud Reliability

Sure your data is backed up... but how's your Internet connection?

If your organization is using mission critical cloud-based services the ZeroOutages service not only provides faster connectivity but also ensures 99.999% uptime.

In the event of a network outage, the ZeroOutages service will automatically failover to any of the available secondary broadband connections. This ensures that your "virtual" MPLS connection remains active and that your mission critical cloud-based services stay up and running.

Border Gateway Protocol

BPG is a complex routing protocol which is used by the Internet to push dynamic routing updates between core routers and different ISPs. When used with a small organization BPG is typically used to provide failover between two Internet connections. BGP is very useful for providing failover, however it does not do a good job load balancing traffic.

Many companies utilize BPG today for their Internet redundancy. The downsides to BGP are that a) it does not utilize the secondary link so the additional capacity can not be realized, i.e. you are paying for a circuit you are not using, and b) with BGP you can not establish a "virtual" tunnel to your cloud-based service provider, thus there is not acceleration and/or prioritization.